KRINK x Mini Cooper S

krink kr mini exhibition KR x Mini Exhibition

New York artist KR will be participating in an exhibition at the Vicious Gallery in Hamburg starting on Halloween, October 31st, 2009. The event will feature a number of works alongside a piece involving the painting of a Cooper Mini in what we can anticipate to be KR’s iconic drips motif.

KR x Mini Exhibition
Vicious Gallery
Kleine Freiheit 46
D-22767 Hamburg
p: +49 (0)40 67305653

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Chanel Customized Motorcycle

chanel customized motorcycle 1 Chanel Customized Motorcycle

Karl Lagerfeld was spotted this past week at the Chanel boutique on Rue Royale in Paris, shooting the press kit for Chanel’s pre-spring collection entitled Starting Point. The shoot was not only intriguing because of models Lara Stone and Baptiste Giacobini, but also because of the appearance of a custom designed Chanel motorcycle, customized for the famed fashion house in Toulouse, France.

chanel customized motorcycle 2 Chanel Customized Motorcycle

Source: WWD

Prachtige Lamborghini Concept


Iranian designer Emil Baddal’s portfolio contains concepts that span several exotic auto marques. He dubs this model the Prachtige Lamborghini. The Prachtige takes styling cues from both the LP560 and Reventon, including the louvered engine cover, pointed nose, and center-exit exhaust. Baddal’s concept pushes signature Lamborghini styling even further than the limited run Reventon, with wildly flared front and rear openings paired with huge wheels and LED lighting.


Via: bikeexif

When the words ‘Porsche’ and ‘motorcycle’ are mentioned in the same sentence, it’s usually in connection with Harley-Davidson: first the abortive Nova project of the 80s, then the VR1000 racer in the 90s, and finally the Revolution engine that appeared in the V-Rod in 2001. But Porsche first dipped a toe into motorcycle design in the late 70s, releasing this little-known Motorcycle Study. Somewhat surprisingly, the makers of the 4.5L V8-engined 928 wanted to highlight the motorcycle’s superiority in energy use, air pollution and traffic space. “Comfort, safety and protection from mud and water were prime considerations, not the usual fascination with speed.”

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Hybrid Seven Roadster

Hybrid Seven Roadster

Hybrid Seven Roadster

The Hybrid Seven Roadster by designer Eric Stoddard. The Hybrid Seven is constructed of structural foam panels, sandwiched between layers of carbon fiber. Projected weight is under 450kg, and incredible performance can be achieved using minimum mechanicals. The faceted shape is a direct result of its panelized construction. The next evolution of the legendary Lotus Super 7. Pure lightweight simplicity!


Via: likecool

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Toyota iQ x Verbal

25 May 2009, 20.01 | Posted in Design |

iq-verbal-car-2-540x342 Toyota iQ x Verbal

For the Tokyo Auto Salon 2009, Teriyaki Boyz member and designer Verbal got to work on the new Toyota iQ. The entire exterior got a chrome look and the interior comes in clean white leather, matching the wheels. The concept was inspired by artist Jeff Koons.



Talk about a sexy car, this one is borderline amazing. The sleek styling is one thing we expect from Inifiniti but they shattered the figurative glass ceiling with their, well, glass ceiling. This concept car boasts 592 hp and is a gasoline/electric hybrid car.

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Volkswagen Concept T from Detroit Motor Show in 2004


First shown at The Detroit motor show in 2004, the Concept T was designed in Volkswagen’s California design studio and is a crossover vehicle mixing elements of sports car, beach buggy and off-roader. Part of a long line of sporty off-road show cars, the Concept T distinguishes itself through stylish detailing and an avant-garde interior.

The body is a mix of sensuous, muscular surfacing and technical componentry, matching a strong rear fender and coupe-like volume with innovative, some might say quirky, features (the stainless steel tailpipes are located inboard of the rear lights, to improve the ramp angle at the back of the car for when you are hitting the big dunes). This latter feature also neatly echoes the tail lights of the mark five Volkswagen Golf, keeping the whole thing in the family, even if it is a lot wilder than its production stablemate, the Touareg

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Audi D7 Concept


You have to give it up, this is one of the best concept car we’ve put up on the blog, especially since it almost looks road ready.  This is some real “Tron-ish” s@%t right here!


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MOY Concept Car is the Winner of Contest During auto(r) Conference


MOY concept car designed by Elvis Tomljenovic received first price in contest held during auto(r) automotive design conference in Zagreb, Croatia. Elvis Tomljenovic is student of the Zagreb School of Design.


Chanel Fiole – Concept Car Design

Jinyoung Jo is a car designer at Hong-ik University in South Korea, and this is her creation: the Chanel Fiole concept. As with classic Coco Chanel work, the design of the car was centered on simplicity of lines and “the best of black and white.” As with most concepts, there was also an emphasis on airflow. The car seats three, two abreast and one staggered in between — but it’s probably best considered a sleek two-seater for runway types.

2009 Mercedes 300 SL Gullwing Panamericana Replica


The Mercedes Gullwing is one of the most sought-after vehicles on any auction block. In the 50s and 60s, it was a revolution; produced in very limited numbers, it was the fastest production vehicle available at the time and it was also the first to use direct fuel injection. Besides being at the pinnacle of technology, its trademark gullwing doors are what defined its legacy. This 2009 iteration of the classic 300SL retains the gullwing doors and also ups the ante with a 5.5L, 370hp AMG-sourced engine. The amazing curves of the aluminum and fiberglass body mimic the original lines of the car, and they are simply breathtaking. Side exit exhaust, removed bumpers, and AMG custom wheels are just some of the few new-school touches that make this old-school hotrod a modern classic.

Mercedes 300 SL For Nigo

nigo-mercedes-300sl-camo-1 Mercedes 300 SL For Nigo

The Bape General did it once again, this time on one of the most mind-blowing oldtimers of all time – Nigo put his Bape camouflage pattern on the Mercedes 300SL, along with all sorts of other types of customization, such as a custom AMG engine, wheels and more. This is one of the most beautiful cars ever built, thus we are not so sure it really needs the Bape camo make-over, but at least Nigo can be sure it’s a unique piece. Previously Nigo had put the camouflage on a Rolls-Royce Phantom.

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Custom Louis Vuitton Luggage For Infiniti Essence

louis-vuitton-luggage-infinit-essence-1 Custom Louis Vuitton Luggage For Infiniti Essence

At the Geneva Auto Show, Infiniti presented their new Essence sportscar. The beautiful car does not only impress with its design and its 600 HP hybrid engine, but also with the details. As you can imagine the tunk is pretty small and therefore Infiniti commissioned Louis Vuitton to create a custom luggage collectio, that fits perfectly into the trunk. The outcome is just perfect. Images via Openers.

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Fiat 500C Revealed

fiat-500c-car-1 Fiat 500C Revealed

Although it was supposed to make its triumphant debut at the Geneva Motor Show, images of Fiat’s 500C have been leaked, revealing a sliding convertible canvas roof continuing the tradition set by the original 500. Along with three reported colorways in the retracting rooftop, this 500C will carry over both 1.2 and 1.5L engines along with a 1.3-liter Multijet equipped with Start-Stop technology. Sales for the 500C are expected to commence in the latter part of this year with U.S. distribution slated for 2010.

Source: Autoblog

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Nissan GT-R Spec V

nissan-gtr-spec-v-1 Nissan GT-R Spec V

If the 7 minute 29 second Nurburgring (I don’t care what Porsche says, haters!!!) beast known as the Nissan GT-R couldn’t get better, Nissan has finally pulled the covers off of the GT-R Spec V edition. Further boasting the performance and creating a street-legal race car, steps for weight lightening were taken, the addition of a new boost controller for improved mid and high end torque as well as an exclusive Ultimate Black Opal color are all part of the package. The GT-R Spec V for the time being will be sold only in Japan at a suggested retail price of ¥15,750,000 JPY (approximately $171 000 USD) with no word yet on making the trek overseas.

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Danish Supercar Sports 1,104 Horsepower



Danish boutique automaker Zenvo Automotive had exactly one goal in mind when it designed the ST1 hyper-exotic: build "a real supercar with excessive power."

By any measure, it succeeded. The startup’s first car purportedly produces a mind-boggling 1,104 horsepower, easily besting the Bugatti Veyron but falling just shy of the Shelby Supercars Ultimate Aero. But anything the ST1 lacks in horsepower against the Aero, it more than makes up for in sheer audacity.

Simply put, the Zenvo ST1 redefines excessive.

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Bugatti Veyron “Chrome”

The Bugatti Veyron has been an impressive car ever since it was introduced. But this new “Chrome” make-up of the super sportscar takes it to a new level. The entire upper of the car has been given the chrome treatment. You can be sure that everybody will turn around when this car passes by. Via Openers.

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By Italian designer Luca Serafini.

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At the Frankfurt Auto Show last fall, BMW chief NOrbert Reithofer confirmed that his company would build what he called a "Gran Turismo" based on the CS concept car first unveiled at the Shanghai show the previous April.

The CS concept car first seen at the Shanghai show in 2007 will go into production as the four-door Gran Turismo for 2009, positioned just above the 7-series upon which it is based.

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Versace x Lamborghini LP640

In a partnership of ultra-luxury, Versace and Lamborghini have revisited a partnership which began in 2006 as they create another version of the exclusive LP640. Coming complete with a range of leather goods including bags, gloves, belts and other accessories, the LP640 in itself has also undergone a Versace aesthetic treatment. The engine hood features a transparent hood to showcase the rip snortin’ V12, nappa leather clad seats and a hand-embroidered Versace motif throughout the car.

Look for the Versace x Lamborghini LP640 to be available at select dealers and Versace outlets.

Source: Autoblog

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