Danish Supercar Sports 1,104 Horsepower



Danish boutique automaker Zenvo Automotive had exactly one goal in mind when it designed the ST1 hyper-exotic: build « a real supercar with excessive power. »

By any measure, it succeeded. The startup’s first car purportedly produces a mind-boggling 1,104 horsepower, easily besting the Bugatti Veyron but falling just shy of the Shelby Supercars Ultimate Aero. But anything the ST1 lacks in horsepower against the Aero, it more than makes up for in sheer audacity.

Simply put, the Zenvo ST1 redefines excessive.

Everything about the car is blatantly, wonderfully over the top, from its turbocharged and supercharged 7.0-liter V-8 to the acres of carbon fiber that cover its race-spec chassis. Options include ceramic brakes (a wise investment), carbon-fiber wheels and a four-point roll cage.

Top speed is limited to 233 mph, which isn’t enough to earn the ST1 a spot in the top five fastest cars but will let you cover the length of Denmark in just under an hour. Besides, it isn’t top speed that makes super exotics so much fun, it’s acceleration, something the ST1 has in abundance. The car reportedly will hit 62 mph in three seconds flat and get you to 124 mph in under nine.

Zenvo started work on the ST1 four years ago and says it will go into production next year. That seems about as likely as Chrysler surviving past Christmas, but the 15 people rich enough to get one won’t mind waiting around.

UPDATE: Because someone asked, the ST1 produces 1,400 Newton meters of torque, which works out to about 1,032 ft-lbs, or what non-gearheads might call a heaping boatload.

Photos by Zenvo Automotive, which for some reason didn’t release any pics of the engine.





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Une Réponse to “Danish Supercar Sports 1,104 Horsepower”

  1. Mario Rodriguez Says:

    Now that, that is nice! Never seen anything like it!

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