Lil Wayne feat. Pharrell Williams – Yes

lil-wayne-pharrell-williams-yes Lil Wayne feat. Pharrell Williams - Yes

To say 2008 was a good year for Lil Wayne would be the understatement of the century. After selling over a million in a week, guest starring on every relevant artist’s album, wracking up eight Grammy nominations and making a very vocal yet dwindling group of nay sayers eat their words, one would think a much deserved rest was in order. However, much like the half robotic auto tune device Wayne utilizes, his work ethic seems inhuman as he continues releasing quality material in 2009. Wayne’s latest boundary and neck breaking track entitled “Yes” features a grimier then usual Pharrell Williams. The dubstep-influenced bass line provides a canvas for Wayne’s uncontrollable codeine flow, playful punch lines and demonic cackle. Wayne’s boredom with ordinary conversational flow, typical beats and mundane subject matter has made him an almost fearless artist and a polarizing figure to those who are used to Hip Hop being a certain way. Whether you hate it or love it, there’s no doubt your paying attention.

Lil Wayne feat. Pharrell Williams – Yes

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Une Réponse to “Lil Wayne feat. Pharrell Williams – Yes”

  1. turpex Says:

    lil wayne ressemble a un aveugle sur la photo !

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