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Air Jordan 5 “Toro Bravo” Pack

air jordan 5 toro bravo pack Air Jordan 5 Toro Bravo Pack

The latest Air Jordan multi-shoe pack will release late this month month under the theme of “Toro Bravo”. Featuring two versions of the Air Jordan V, the shoe is inspired by a special and heralded species of bull which is bred for the Running of the Bulls event in Pamplona, Spain. The black version is inspired by “both the Toro Bravo, known for its aggressiveness, strength, vigor and intelligence, and Michael Jordan’s basketball career, which exemplified these qualities and more.” On the other hand the red version “represents the passion, inspired by MJ’s drive for the game and taking its color from the red bandannas runners in Pamplona wear.” A special custom-box set featuring the menacing eyes of a red-eye’d pull peering through a crate keeps in line with the shoe’s concept at hand. The Toro Bravo pack is set for a May 30th release.

Source: Nice Kicks

A Bathing Ape SS ‘09 Accessories New Releases

bathing ape bape baby milo accessories 1 A Bathing Ape SS 09 Accessories New Releases

A Bathing Ape drop some new releases featuring their official mascot, Baby Milo. This latest batch of product introduces Baby Milo candy in paint bucket packaging, Baby Milo head pillows, a metallic mini backpack and matching metallic keychain. All items are now available through A Bathing Ape flagship stores worldwide.

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