Sneaker Customizer – Desperately Seeking Pharrell Williams

Desperately Seeking Pharrell Williams Stan Smith - 00

An email notification awoke some of us here at Freshness early this morning.  Seems like designer Arthur Roberts from collective Mumz the Werd wanted to give a pair of customized adidas Stan Smith to Pharrell Williams at New Jersey’s Rutgersfest over the weekend. But for reasons unknown, was never able to.  Here is what he wrote…

I just made a pair of custom white on white adidias stan smith for Pharrell but I couldn’t get them to him at Rutgerfest last friday. I need some kind of help getting him to see the sneakers so he knows i made them for him… seeing is how I’m a staving artist and spent my last bit of money on the sneakers that never got to Pharrell…

Though it maybe it a publicity stunt, let it be known that there is a pair of customized Stan Smith waiting for Pharrell Williams somewhere in the state of New Jersey.


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