Volkswagen Concept T from Detroit Motor Show in 2004


First shown at The Detroit motor show in 2004, the Concept T was designed in Volkswagen’s California design studio and is a crossover vehicle mixing elements of sports car, beach buggy and off-roader. Part of a long line of sporty off-road show cars, the Concept T distinguishes itself through stylish detailing and an avant-garde interior.

The body is a mix of sensuous, muscular surfacing and technical componentry, matching a strong rear fender and coupe-like volume with innovative, some might say quirky, features (the stainless steel tailpipes are located inboard of the rear lights, to improve the ramp angle at the back of the car for when you are hitting the big dunes). This latter feature also neatly echoes the tail lights of the mark five Volkswagen Golf, keeping the whole thing in the family, even if it is a lot wilder than its production stablemate, the Touareg

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Une Réponse to “Volkswagen Concept T from Detroit Motor Show in 2004”

  1. Lina Says:

    wooaw vraiment a VW tapé fort avec ce concept car!

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