Horology Timepieces Would Make Father Time Proud

watch   2

There are clocks, there are watches and then… there are timepieces. A timepiece is more than just a means of telling time. It’s a bit of elegance and art that sits atop your wrist as a complement to an outfit, your style or the car you drive. In essence, like all other material possessions, it’s an extension of self. Automotive designers Andy Shaw and Robert Silkstone have designed a set of timepieces that are every bit of unique as the person wearing it. It is said that there are three things you can judge a man by; his shoes, his belt and his watch. By the looks of these Industrial North Design Horology timepieces, I’d say it would be hard to find a pair of shoes and a belt to keep up with your wrist. The debut models, the Britannic and the Vanguard-Precision, reflect the designer’s automotive background. The designers used extreme manufacturing techniques such as spark erosion and wire-EDM machining coupled with laser engraving to produce these gorgeous watches. The debut models are going to be available in a limited production with only 15 units per model being made at $8,000 a piece. Industrial North Design is currently taking pre-orders and hopes to start shipping out the timepieces in about eight weeks. Visit their site, www.industrialnorth.co.uk, to place your order. Source


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