Zara fall winter 2009 military jacket

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La Clef du Temps Tourbillon Watch


The Les Masters collection created by Confrerie Horlogere comprises timepieces equipped with sophisticated movements that appeared due to groundbreaking mechanical and engineering discoveries. One of the masterpieces, La Clef du Temps tourbillon watch, accommodates a hand-wound mechanical movement that offers a three-day power reserve.

The timepiece, conceived by Mathias Buttet, founder of Confrerie Horlogere, is limited to just 24 pieces, corresponding to 24 time zones. As for the price, a prototype of this watch fetched the second highest price at the Only Watch auction recently at USD410,000


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Gourmet | Spring 2010 Collection

The Gourmet offering focuses on a summer color palette and seasonal material story. The DICINOVE is a conceptual nautical high top offered in light weight cotton canvas. They also brought the UNO back in full grain textured leather, which is a traditional boot in nubuck and 8 oz. cotton canvas.  The CINQUE takes on the character of the season with a vegetable tanned leather and cotton canvas combo, reminiscent of shoes worn on beaches around the Amalfi Coast or St. Tropez.  The DICIOTTO is offered in a combo as well, made in light-weight nylon and super soft suede.  This collection will be available at select stockists in Spring 2010.

adidas x Sennheiser Headphones

adidas x Sennheiser Headphones

As connections between collaborators become more tenuous and questionable, it’s refreshing to see two companies come together to create a product that properly reflects their dual legacies.

As a special offer for this holiday season, adidas Originals expands its diverse product portfolio by launching premium DJ headphones in collaboration with Sennheiser. Renowned as THE staple equipment for recording and DJ-ing, Sennheiser’s HD 25-1-II has been at the forefront of monitoring headphones for more than 20 years.

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Too Fly “Freestyle Eco-Block” Rings!

Toofly Eco Rings Too Fly Freestyle Eco Block Rings!

One of our most beloved, graffiti artist TooFly, just launched her collection of “Freestyle Eco-Block” rings.  Inspired by her paisanos, the wooden rings were crafted in Ecuador and hand panted by TooFly and her lil’ sis, Joanne Marie. This line is an expansion on her “Trinity” finger ring collection, done in collaboration with Goodwood NYC. At at just ten bucks a pop, people, let’s face it, you can’t beat that with a bat!

Urbanears “Plattan” Headphones

Urbanears "Plattan" Headphones

Headphones have evolved in recent years from a simple product into a fashion accessory. Suddenly fashion brands all over the globe start offering their very own. Just this morning we presented the new adidas x Sennheiser headphones and now we introduce an entirely new player in the market, that has big plans for the future – Urbanears.

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