SEIKO Power Design Alarm Clock

seiko power design alarm clock SEIKO Power Design Alarm Clock

A piece of simple and understated design from SEIKO culminates in this power design Alarm Clock. The watch features a rubberized silicon coating in a handful of different colors. Among the different choices include black, blue, red, gray and brown. Available now at the hnyee.Store.

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Tank Chair by Pharrell Williams

For the second time already we see Pharrell Williams getting into furniture design – this time he presents the Tank Chair. The Tank Chair comes in overall 4 colorways and is made of plexiglas and full grain colt leather. The chair will be on display at the Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin next week during Art Basel Miami.

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The Stelvio Turntable By Galibier design

Dyson Air Multiplier


The biggest name in vacuums now aims to reinvent the table-top fan. The Dyson Air Multiplier Fan, uses a blade-less design that pumps up to 119 galloons of air per second in a smooth and steady flow.

The Dyson Air Multiplier works by drawing air into its base and forcing it up into a “loop amplifier” where it is accelerated by a jet. When the air exits the loop amplifier, it actually pulls air from its rear side, forcing it forward– and amplifying it 15 times. The result is fanning technology without the uneven airflow of chopping blades. That constant flow of air means steady cooling without those papers on your desk intermittently taking flight.

The design is sleek, iconic and can fit perfectly in a progressive home or office.

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Kyiouei Design Liquid Lamp

Liquid Lamp Red 2

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INSA x Rousseau Lounge Chair

INSA x Rousseau Lounge Chair

After the Bubble Chair collaboration by INSA and Rousseau, the artist and the brand got together once again to work this time on a lounge chair. The one piece lounger by Rousseau feature INSA’s signature colors and patterns and will be released in the coming weeks.

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Paul Smith for Evian

Paul Smith for Evian

After Jean Paul Gaultier, UK designer Paul Smith is the next one in line to design a limited edition bottle for French water maker Evian. The bottle comes with a very clean design and features the signature colors of the designer, along with his signature. The bottle is now available at finer food stores.

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