Designed for a club owner a while ago, the “45 Audio Station” by Chicago-based designer Christian Castro is a DJ table with an integrated vinyl case to rock the dance floor. The name “45″ has a dual meaning derived from the 45 record speed and the design’s resemblance to a handgun. The audio station is made of epoxy, concrete and steel, materials dictated by the design and a turntable’s operational requirement of no movement or vibration. The vertical element of the design is cast concrete connected to the horizontal element, which is made of molded foam. Both the vertical and horizontal elements are coated in glossy resin. The horizontal element is ridged and light, while the vertical element is heavy and immobile. The entire unit is bolted through the club floor.


Street Fighter II Turbo Battle Vinyl

street fighter 2 ii turbo battle vinyl Street Fighter II Turbo Battle Vinyl

While Street Fighter IV has dominated my Twitter on various occasions as the game of the moment for many in the industry, Capcom releases a throwback to the current most successful Street Fighter game of all time with a special edition vinyl. The Street Fighter II Turbo Battle Vinyl features sound effects and game music on respective sides. The red vinyl also includes a transparent sleeve with numbers limited to only 350 copies worldwide. A handful are available now at oki-ni

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Rega Research Ltd. P3-24 TURNTABLE

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Rega Research Ltd. is a high-end audio equipment manufacturer based in the UK. Founded in 1973, the company’s name was formed of the initials of its two founders (RElph & GAndy). Historically Rega are best known for the Rega Planar turntable, but in recent years the company has diversified into a range of other hi-fi products.

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Beats by Dr Dre Headphones

Beats by Dr Dre is a new venture through living legend producer/artist Dr Dre and audio peripherals brand Monster Cable. The personal headphones should provide personal users with an unparalleled musical experience while incorporating some sleek and relevant designs. With the number of hits under Dre’s belt, sound is something we’ll leave in his hands. Available later this Spring with an estimated price tag of $400 USD.
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M-Audio Torq Xponent eDJAYING

Voici l’un des meilleurs système audio pour le DJaying numérique…que dire de plus…je vous laisse voir un petit mix video de Cassie vraiment pas mal!!..Dans quelques jours, je vous laisserais voir l’engin et les Goldfingers qui ont fait ca!!Alors stay tuned!!