Core Jewels

core jewels 2009 fall winter collection 1 Core Jewels 2009 Fall/Winter Collection

core jewels 2009 fall winter collection 3 Core Jewels 2009 Fall/Winter Collection

core jewels 2009 fall winter collection 5 Core Jewels 2009 Fall/Winter Collection

A new update out of the Core Jewels line of jewelery includes a mixture of both bracelets rings and pendants this time around. Understated in its overall design, the collection’s metalwork is marked by a black finish with intricate carvings which include the Flora pendant, Sparte pendant, Karos ring, Cardea ring and Aegis bracelet. Available now at hnyee.Store.

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Core Jewels | ‘New State Of Silver’


Japanese jewelry designers Core Jewels are set to release ‘New State Of Silver’. With the likes of Hiroshi Fujiwara together with Hidetoshi Nakata (a Japanese football player, very famous for being the ‘cool’ footballer, who has been featured in the likes of Vogue) and Takagi Tsuyoshi, Core Jewels is creating luxury jewelry for the very well off. Designer Yamasaki Norimasa has a wonderful sense of how line and form on the body when worn and involves an intricate use of detailing and material usage for both men and women.

This AEGIS bracelet style which is a woven strap in either black or white with a silver, stamped circular piece which is looped into the bracelet. is offering pre-sales on these and retailers outside of Japan include Maxfield (Los Angeles), Jeffrey (New York City) and colette (Paris).

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you just gotta love homeroom’s two-finger ring. after the release of a gold ring, one made from solid silver has now become available. each ring is polished by hand to achieve a flawless surface and features the brand’s laser-etched logo discreetly on the inside of the ring-finger. we tell you, double-digit bling is on the up!

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core jewels college ring CORE JEWELS COLLEGE RING

Marked by a dark and balanced aesthetic combining the ample use of black with stunning stones, CORE JEWELS releases their own take on the popular college ring. Decked out in a matte silver finish, the ring features a multi-faceted black stone with engravings throughout. Available now at rumours.

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Mastermind Japan x Bamford Watch Department Rolex Submariner

Here comes an unepected, yet perfect collaboration between mastermind Japan and Bamford Watch Department. The two got together to work on the Rolex Submariner. Of course it comes in all black and just a small mastermind Japan logo placement on the dial. The collaboration is part of the Japanese brand’s Fall/Winter 2009 Collection. The watch goes for roughly 16′000 USD.

Introducing: Luke Satoru Jewelry

Luke Satoru creates a men’s focused collection of jewelry and accessories that set him apart not only as a craftsman but also as an artist. The boldness of his pieces is well balanced by the refinement of their finishing and the fact that they are incredibly lightweight making the pieces very suitable for the ladies who can wear bold pieces. The 2 and 3 finger rings (above) totally won me over. On the next page a few of my  fave pieces from Luke Satoru, a name we can guaranty has just begin to make its mark.

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Christian Dior Joaillerie ‘Kings & Queens’ collection


This series from Dior is fit for a king. Dior Joaillerie released their royal ‘Kings & Queens’ collection by Victoire de Castellane . The little jewels are meant to be owned as a pair.The skulled jewelry is made out of Opal, Jade, Quartz, and Obsidian which is said to represent a sort of eternity. Vogue France commented “we are temporary, the jewels we wear last through time and centuries.”