BBC/Ice Cream Season T-Shirts

bbc ice cream season 10 t shirts 09 BBC/Ice Cream: Season 10 T Shirts

No BBC/Ice Cream collection would be complete with a set of t-shirts. Here we get a look at a few of the selections from their upcoming Spring/Summer range, which is their tenth season to date. The running dog makes an appearance this time around as well, as does some new space-themed graphics.

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Swagger ‘SWG Box’ items

swagger swg box 00 Swagger SWG Box Items

Swagger reveal their first releases for 2010. The SWG Box items consist of a t-shirt, a zip hoodie and a beanie, each in two colourways. They are set to release online through choice is yours on the 5th of January

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Kanye West for A Bathing Ape Spring 2010 Lookbook

kanye west bape bathing ape spring 2010 lookbook 1 Kanye West for A Bathing Ape Spring 2010 Lookbook

Once again Bape have worked with rapper/producer Kanye West, this time for their latest lookbook, which advertises their Spring 2010 collection. With photography from Keiichi Nitta, the collection is well captured is certainly looks very promising. With a mixture of Bape and URSUS Bape releases on the cards, the entire range is refined, with a mixture of Japanese and American aesthetics, making the choice to work with Mr. West appropriate. The collection includes new styles of belts and as wells shirts, work trousers, tees, varsity jackets and more. Surely to be a strong divider amongst fans, the most immediately striking piece is the Baby Milo hoody, which is complete in a vibrant multi-colourway featuring a selection of characters seen throughout Milo’s history. Lire le reste de cette entrée »

Swarovski Crystallized Jeremey Scott JS Wings

adidas jeremy scott swarovsky 3 1 540x359 Swarovski Crystallized Jeremey Scott JS Wings

Featured in the White Crystal Christmas exhibit   at Colette is this pair of Jeremy Scott JS Wings Crystallized sneakers.The stuff that sneaker dreams and music videos are made of. Only one pair is available here. Detailed view on the next page via sn.

Comme des Garcons BLACK Holiday 2009 Collection

Comme des Garcons BLACK Holiday 2009 Collection

New product from the Comme des Garcons BLACK collection has been released. Previously the line only presented all black pieces, as well as white t-shirts with Bearbrick designs. For Holiday 2009 they offer a line-up of shirts and longsleeve t-shirts. Both the shirts and the longsleeves come with color accents at the bottom, fading from black into the color, creating an overall interesting effect and look.

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Ato Spring 2010 Cow Hide Boots “Studs”

ato Spring 2010 Cow Hide Boots "Studs"

For Spring 2010 the ato Cow Hide Boots return. This time the Japanese designer chose to go with a subtle blakc leather colorway on the upper and to give the sneaker something special by adding metal studs all over it. Compared to the Christian Louboutin “Louis” sneaker these actually look kind of subtle. The ato sneakers will be available soon from Rowgage.

Nike Air Jordan 1 Retro Silver 25th Anniversary Package

Nike Air Jordan 1 Retro Silver 25th Anniversary Package

As the keen amongst you know, Jordan Brand is celebrating their 25th Anniversary (a/k/a/ Silver Anniversary) in 2010. To honor Michael Jordan’s legacy, there will be a number of special Jordans released over the year starting with this Nike Air Jordan 1 Retro in grey, white and metallic silver. Features a commemorative “23/25″ logo on the tongue and comes boxed in an aluminum briefcase! Available for pre-order from Oqium, for a late December release.