Billionaire Boys Club HEART & MIND BOW-TIE

billionaire boys club heart mind bowtie Billionaire Boys Club HEART & MIND BOW TIE

The HEART & MIND concept from BBC has been among our favorite visual elements from BBC. We’ve seen the theme over various instances ranging from shirts and headwear as its latest application is seen on a bow-tie. The front design includes the literal usages of “heart” and “mind” embroidered on the left and right sides with a further embroidery on the back of the bow-tie and band. Available at THE ICECREAM STORE on October 16th, 2009.


BBC/Ice Cream Season 9 Lookbook

bbc icecream season9 00 BBC/Ice Cream Season 9 Lookbook

Today we get a look at BBC/Ice Cream’s Season 9 collection. Apart from the familiar astronaut tees, ice cream cone denim and waffle hoodies, the new range consists of several more experimental cut and sew garments that might not garner the affection of the typical BBC fan, but it is definitely something new and original, which is something we rarely see in today’s clutter of cookie cutter brands.

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BBC/Ice Cream Basket Black All Star

bbc_ice_cream_basket_all_star_01 BBC/Ice Cream Basket Black All Star

Here we have the latest sneaker from BBC/Ice Cream. Everything is reminiscent of the Chuck Taylor. Well, everything except for the price. You can get these at Colette for €220.

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New Billionaire Boys Club Spring/Summer 2009 Accessories

billionaire-boys-club-accessories New Billionaire Boys Club Spring/Summer 2009 Accessories

The other day we presented to you the much anticipated, yet totally overpriced Dollar & Diamonds gold rucksack by Billionaire Boys Club. Here we show you some other new accessories by the brand, that should be more wallet friendly. Matching their gold leather accessories, they present a tie and they also present their first paid of sunglasses, which they have kept in a subtle grey colorway.

The new accessories have been released in the BBC/Ice Cream Tokyo Store.

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Billionaire Boys Club Gold Rucksack

billionaire-boys-club-gold-rucksack-front Billionaire Boys Club Gold Rucksack

Here is something for those among you that are not shy of wairing something a little more flashy. The much anticipated gold rucksack from the Billionaire Boys Club Spring/Summer 2009 Collection has been released. Very similar in style to the original Louis Vuitton rucksack, the backpack features the brands diamond/dollar monogram pattern all-over.

You can purchase it now here online.

BBC/Ice Cream Season 8 ‘Waffle’ Sneakers

ice_cream_waffle_sneakers_00 BBC/Ice Cream Season 8 Waffle Sneakers

For Season 8, BBC/Ice Cream releases another pair of waffle-print sneakers (check here for the first pair).  The new model has a Jack Purcell silhouette, features a canvas upper, and is available in two colourways.

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Billionaire Boys Club Spring/Summer 2009 | Metallic Gold Accessories

We give you a look at the much anticipated metallic gold accessories line of the BBC/Ice Cream Spring/Summer 2009 collection. After the gold backpack was spotted a couple of weeks ago, talks started on the product.

Here is now a first look at the keychain and the wallet of the collection. As mentioned above, expect a backpack and most likely more to come in this series.

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