Evisu Relaunch | A First Look

Evisu Relaunch | A First Look

The denim market has gone through a lot of changes in the last two decades. We still remember the time when there was basically only Levi’s out there and then the shift to premium denim in the 90’s. One of the major players, if not the most significant one, was Evisu in the beginning of the 90’s. This year the brand relaunches, finding back to its old values.

Now Evisu is lead by Scott Morrison as creative director, known for founding Paper Denim and Earnest Sewn. The collection pays homage to the fascinating and forgotten roots of the brand. Lire le reste de cette entrée »

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Selfridges 100th Anniversary Pantone 109 Collection

selfridges 100th anniversary pantone 109 Selfridges 100th Anniversary Pantone 109 Collection

Iconic British retailer Selfridges has enjoys a full century of service and commemorate the event with a collaborative capsule over numerous mediums. All based around the Pantone 109 yellow, the capsule includes Joseph Jospeh, Converse, Polo Ralph Lauren, Evisu, Toy Watch, Levi’s, Simon Carter and Fender among others, each lending some of their most well-known products as the design medium of choice. More information regarding the collection can be seen at Selfridges100.com.

Source: GQ.COM

Evisu Tribute to Lee’s – No. 13 Lazy S Slim Denim


Following a tedious research initiative, Evisu looks to pay homage to Lee Jeans. Much like its well-established competitor Levi’s, Lee also maintains a strong historical background as the denim brand began operations almost 120 years ago in 1889. With Evisu’s homage, they have created the No. 13 LEFT, a left hand twill offering which due to the weaving technique yields a softer overall feel (weaves move from top left to bottom right) relative to the more common right hand twill. Further details and highlights include green caste indigo and mismatched selvedge much like previous Lee denim. The mismatched selvedge line can be attributed to Lee’s previous use of wider denim relative to Levi’s. Well-known for their hand-painted back pocket motifs, Evisu continues the tribute with bull horns like “Lazy S” as well as a an interior label similar to Lee’s labels of the 1930s. Available starting January 2009. Lire le reste de cette entrée »

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Evisu’s SS09 Milan Spring Summer Video

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Evisu x Grand 1888 Bicycle

highsnobeity - evisu x grand 1888 bicycle

While much of the world is speeding things up, hoping on track bikes and championing the « oneness » achieved through fixed gear, Evisu slows it down. With Dutch Bicycle manufacturer Grand 1888, they’ve developed a special edition bespoke cruiser. Everything on the bike is handcrafted from the steel frame to the gold plackets on the mud guard. The bikes are all individually numbered and come with a limited selvedge constructed Evisu bike duffel.

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Kanye West at Evisu

A man with a last name but a man that doesn’t need it. Say the name Kanye and automatically images of a man with style and eloquence pops in your head. Ever-known for his inventive fashion sense and good tase, Kanye upholds his roots but knows no shame when it comes to indulging in the finer threads life has to offer. So when Kanye stopped by the Evisu showroom, it was only a matter of minutes before we were talking about and Evisu’s latest . Classic, as always.

kanye west at evisu

In the photo he is wearing our red puffer vest. Look for it online at our North American or International online stores.

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Evisu Denim Special Products – Zippo/Helmet/Teddy Bear

evisu teddy bear zippo acejet helmet - highsnobiety

We just came across some very special product from Evisu. The Japanese denim company released a Zippo, Teddy Bears and a Helmet. All three pieces come of course covered in denim with lots of nice details. The helmet is a collaboration with Acejet and the lighter with Zippo.

All three are now available in several colorways at Ripe. Check out some more pictures after the jump.

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