Gourmet Spring 2010 Diecisette

Gourmet Diecisette

Gourmet drops a look into one of their new models called the Diecisette. Featuring a smooth leather upper and 15 hole lacing system, the Diecisette is clean and simple, yet far from typical. The sneaker will be available Spring 2010 at finer shoe retailers near you and of course at Gourmet’s shop. Apparently Young Jeezy already has his pair

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Gourmet 2009 Winter Preview

gourmet 2009 fall winter collection preview 02 Gourmet 2009 Winter Preview

Continuing their minimalistic sneaker designs, Southern California-based Gourmet preview some new product for their upcoming Winter releases. The new drop consists of three new colorways in their Nove, Otto, and Quattro models. Lire le reste de cette entrée »

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Native Shoes Spring/Summer 2010 Collection

Native Shoes Spring/Summer 2010 Collection

We have to admit, we when we first saw Native Shoes in Vegas last week, we were skeptical. But with a Gourmet co-sign you know these are legit. What you see here is the evolution of a product to the next level.  Revamping timeless classics (read: Chucks, Eras, Wallabees) in modern Featherlite EVA (read: Crocs) is the modus at Native, and they’ve done a bang up job. Of course there will be all kinds of haters on this one, but we think it’s kind of refreshing.

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Gourmet 2009 Fall Footwear New Releases

gourmet 2009 fall new releases 1 Gourmet 2009 Fall Footwear New Releases

Gourmet introduces a gang of new colorways in some of their classic models. Always simplistic with their design approach, the premium footwear brand works up new variations of their familiar Uno, Quattro, Nove, and Cinque silhouettes, all of which are now available through select Gourmet dealers, including Karmaloop.

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Gourmet x Undefeated Quattro

The Gourmet Fall 2009 Footwear Collection has just been released last week and from first feedback, we can say that it is the strongest line-up to come from the brand to date. That does not mean that they stand still. For Spring/Summer 2010 you will see the release of a Gourmet xUndefeated collaborative sneaker. They worked together on the Quattro. It comes in white premium leather with black mid-sole, tongue and lining. The Undefeated logo has been embossed onto the upper, which is a nice and subtle detail. The sneaker will come with four laces – red, black, blue and white. Since the sneaker keeps an overall subtle appearance, the laces will nicely change the look and feel of it, depending on the choice of color. Look out for a Janaury 2010 release.

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Gourmet Tredici

gourmet tredici 01 Gourmet Tredici

For their Fall collection, Gourmet will debuting a new sneaker, the Tredici. It’s part runner, part hiking shoe with it’s Danner style D-ring hiking fastenings and waterproofing around the tongue. The sole might be familiar as it is the same one used on the L’Otto model. High quality cowhide box leather is used on the upper with a suede and pig-skin lining. Look out for the sneaker to release in August.

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Gourmet Spring 2009 Epi Collection

gourmet-epi-collection-1 Gourmet Spring 2009 Epi Collection

We get a look at the complete Gourmet Spring 2009 Epi Collection, using french made premium epi leather on the uppers. They present two high top sneakers and a low top sneaker in different colorways. We especially like the combination of the green upper and gum sole, as well as the low top black sneaker. Via FreshnGood.

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