Gucci Eyeweb Goggles

Gucci Eyeweb Goggles

Gucci has released a new set of goggles for the winter season. The unisex ski masks come in white and black with a distinct green-red-green Gucci web stretch headband. Other features include anti-fog lenses with “Seal Ring” technology, which ensures a thermal barrier and a clear visual field. Packaging includes a soft pouch and a sleek black box featuring the Gucci web. The new ski goggles retail for $195 USD and are available in December 2009 at Gucci stores world wide, selected optical retailers, and at

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Gucci Blue Diamante Fabric Duffle

gucci diamante bag 1 Gucci Blue Diamante Fabric Duffle

Bringing back a popular piece from their archives, Gucci look to soon release a re-issued version of the brand’s Blue Diamante Fabric Duffle. The bag features a luxurious diamond-patterned base and premium tan leather accents. Retail will be set at a hefty ¥187,950 (Approx. $2,073 USD).

Source: Huge Magazine

Michael Sanderson Fashion Illustrations

Today we came across the very impressive portfolio of illustrator Michael Sanderson. The 23 year old is working with Taiko & Associates in Japan and has already a very impressive client list under his belt. The mix of illustration and sharp branding in his pieces is especially interesting and intriguing. So far he has worked with both small NYC boutiques and fashion heavy wheigts such as Gucci and Louis Vuitton. He is definitely one to keep an eye on in the future

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Gucci High Top Sneakers

Gucci High Top Sneakers

Luxury sneakers usually aren’t our thing, but the Yeezy clearly showed us that there are plenty of people willing to spend exorbitant amounts of cash for kicks even in a recession. Gucci’s colors get bit by sneaker companies about as much as Jordan’s elephant print by startup streetwear labels, but sometimes there is nothing like the genuine product. This fall, Gucci is introducing a high top sneaker that come in high grain leather with the classic Green-Red-Green stripe across the side of the sneaker. Other touches include an oversized metal eyelet that give the shoe a boating feel.

Ready to know the damage? Let’s just say they are a few hundred off the Kanye West Louis Vuitton sneakers, but they will still set you back $535.

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Gucci Cruiser Bicycle


The Gucci Cruiser Bicycle, a bike whose price range fits in between the Hermes and Chanel bikes. This is another cruiser sporting Gucci accents all over. The bronze metal frame does look nice with the chocolate Guccissima leather seat, handlebars, seat pack, and pannier. And the price on this bike, a whopping $6365.

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Gucci High Top Sneaker

Gucci High Top Sneaker

A nice and solid new Gucci High Top Sneaker has been released. The sneaker features a premium brown suede upper, matching brown leather laces and overall subtle branding. If it was up to us, we would even have skipped the G pattern on the lining, but that is just minor. All in all the sneaker looks good and makes sense for the brand, more than some of their other recent footwear releases. The high top is now available from Concepts.