Forbes dropped their annual Hip-Hop Cash Kings list of rap’s biggest earners today, and Gloria’s Warrior has taken back the #1 spot from Sabrina’s Baby Boy.

1. Jay-Z – 35 Million
2. Diddy – 30 Million
3. Kanye West – 25 Million

4. 50 Cent – 20 Million
5. Akon – 20 Million
6. Lil Wayne – 18 Million
7. Timbaland – 17 Million
8. Pharrell – 16 Million
9. T-Pain – 15 Million
10. Eminem – 14 Million
11. Dr.Dre – 13 Million
12. Snoop Dogg – 11 Million
13. Ludacris – 10 Million
14. Common – 8 Million
15. Will.I.Am – 8 Million
16. T.I. – 8 Million
17. Swizz Beatz – 8 Million
18. Andre 3000 – 7 Million
19. Big Boi- 7 Million
20. Flo-Rida – 6 Million
21. Rick Ross – 6 Million
22. The Game – 6 Million
23. Young Jeezy- 6 Million



Lil Wayne's Custom Supra Skytops by CLVII Store

Last week at the BET 2009 Awards, Lil Wayne performed in some crystal studded Supra Skytops. For the past week it has remained a mystery as to who created the custom Skytops. Today, we’re able to reveal that the shoes were created by Berlin and Paris based CLVII store. They gave this special pair of blinged out Supra Skytops to Lil Wayne for his 26th birthday this past September. Quite the gift!

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Who Made Lil Wayne’s Mystery Supras?

Last night on twitter, the sneaker heads were buzzin’ about Lil Wayne’s sequined Supra Skytops when he took the stage for Young Money’s set. Are they coming out? Did Supra send them to Weezy? Well, the answer to both questions is…no.

Our source at Supra says they had no idea where the customs came from, which means Wayne had them made on his own. We’re guessing one of his Young Money weed carriers hooked up with the same person who customizes Paris Hilton’s sidekicks. See more shots of the shoes below, and if you’re feeling them, hit up the comments and try to persuade Supra to break out the bedazzler… Lire le reste de cette entrée »

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Pimp C f. Lil Wayne T-Pain – ‘Let’s Talk Money’ download / listen

Download Lets Talk Money – Updated with the No DJ Version

Here’s a hot new joint from Pimp C featuring Lil Wayne and T-Pain. It’s called “Lets Talk Money” and its got a real energetic beat and flow to it, Weezy’s verse is fire. Listen to it in the video below, grab a download below that, and let me know what you think in the comments or forums. Enjoy!

Chrishan – Bitch Look At Me Now (Feat Lil Wayne)

Chrishan Bitch Look At Me Now Feat Lil Wayne

Here is a new Chrishan single called “Bitch Look At Me Now” which features Lil Wayne. Its a tight R&B track, but Lil Wayne’s verse is recycled. Anyways let me know what you think, drop some comments :)

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Lil Wayne feat Young Money – Every girl video

The act of an established MC providing a platform for his artists after he achieves a level of success has become an expected tradition in Hip Hop. After conquering the mix tape game, the billboard charts, the Grammys and silencing a dwindling group of naysayers, Lil Wayne now directs the spotlight squarely on the members of his record label, Young Money. On the hyper infectious introductory track “Every Girl” Lil Wayne provides some mic time for MCs Drake, Jae Millz, Gudda and Mack Maine. Never the one for subtlety, Lil Wayne and crew express their love for the fairer sex in the only way they know how, with auto tune and explicitness.



Via: Rolling Stone

“The rock shit just comes from what my life is now,” Wayne, 26, says. “I’ve grown into this person.” He released his first album, 1999’s Tha Block Is Hot, when he was only 17, and built his name on being the busiest rapper in the game, dropping a relentless stream of mixtapes and cameos. (Revisit Weezy’s journey from kid MC to superstar, in photos.) But aside from plucking at electric guitars onstage and in videos, Weezy never let on that his rap career could take such a significant detour. Describing a wild night when he woke up in bed with three or four women he couldn’t name, Wayne reveals he had an epiphany. “I just got — I’m not going to say ’so good’ at what I was doing, but it became such a regularity for me that I got tired of it. And then I said, ‘You know what? I’m not going to rap on this one.’ “

Binelli follows Wayne from his posh Atlanta apartment to a club showcase where the MC checks out talent for his Young Money imprint to the studio — Wayne’s home away from home — where the superstar puffs his ever-present blunts and plays some Rebirth songs that recall vintage Beastie Boys and current emo, topped by Weezy’s Auto Tuned warbling. Wayne tells Binelli he knew he didn’t have raw vocal talent, but he dedicated himself to learning how to make his singing voice sound good on record. “I don’t want to be the best rapper in the world. Not now,” he says. “I want to be the best. Period. Now. My favorite rapper hasn’t done what I’m doing.”

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