Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall 2009 Sneakers

marc-by-marc-jacobs-fall-09-sneakers-front Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall 2009 Sneakers

After showing you the Marc Jacobs Fall 2009 Sneakers the other day, we give you a look today at the sneakers of the more casual sub-line of the brand – Marc by Marc Jacobs. The line-up includes several new high top sneakers, coming in subtle leather mixes, bold leather mixes and also with more attention seeking leopard and paisley patterns. One can safely say, there is something for all tastes.

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Marc Jacobs Fall 2009 High Top Sneakers

marc-jacobs-fall-2009-sneakers-front Marc Jacobs Fall 2009 High Top Sneakers

For Fall 2009 Marc Jacobs present some new High Top Sneakers. The sneaker comes with a quilted pattern on the side-panels and a mid-ankle strap. It will be available in black, bordeaux and white leather, as well as black and grey nylon. We prefer the nylon on the mode, because the leather seems a little too shiny and attention seeking.

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Louis Vuitton x Stephen Sprouse Collection

After the successful collaboration of Louis Vuitton and artist Stephen Sprouse in 2001, the two team up for the second time, utilizing the very same graffiti print. This time around they worked on bags, sneakers, shoes, sunglasses as well as some clothing and many more accessories.

Just in time for the “Rock On Mars” retrospective that will be taking place at Deitch Projects from January 8th, and the release of “The Stephen Sprouse Book”, Louis Vuitton will be coming out with the commemorative collection this month.

Along with the release of the product, Louis Vuitton will launch, a website dedicated to the artist, showcasing interviews with people that knew Sprouse. In celebration of the new LV release, Marc Jacobs posed nude painted in Sprouse’s graffiti print for Harper’s Bazaar’s January issue, which was shot by Terry Richardson. Via WWD/TBA.

Let’s see how fast the collection will sell out this time around. Detailed images of some of the product, as well as the Terry Richardson image of Marc Jacobs follow after the jump.

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Marc Jacobs Documentary Clip

Most people don’t have a clue about the inspiration behind garments we purchase or even anything about the designer. Receiving constant attention for his work with Louis Vuitton and his own clothing label, Marc Jacobs has become a popular names amongst fashionistas. So in this clip of a documentary piece on the designer, we see the man behind the name, how his ideas and inspirations come about and not to mention juggling multiple tasks while relying on his very helpful assistant Joseph. Video after the jump.

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Marc Jacobs Fall ’08 Sneakers

highsnobiety - marc jacobs fall '08 sneakers

For this fall season Marc Jacobs has a strong line-up of sneakers in the pipes. While the silhouettes stay very simple, it’s more the colors and details that jump into your eye. There are several high top and low top sneakers, with the most interesting ones featuring a quilted pattern over the upper. The color range goes from classic black and white to aggressive yellow.

Check out the entire line-up after the jump.

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Marc Jacobs Recycled Military Goods

marc jacobs recycled military goods - highsnobiety

Marc by Marc Jacobs has released some recycled military goods. We always found the strategy by the brand interesting to have both a very expensive high end line and a moderately priced sub-line.

They present an classic M-65 jacket (79 USD) and a German Mountain Duffel (65 USD), now available at Marc by Marc Jacobs stores.

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Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton


 The Richard Prince 2008 Louis Vuitton Spring Handbag Line for Marc Jacobs.
See more after the jump!
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